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This limited warranty is non-transferable and covers only the original end purchaser. Coverage terminates when the original purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product. This limited warranty does not cover products purchased from 3rd party sellers on online sales auction sites. Online sales auction confirmations are NOT accepted for warranty verification, unless purchased from Techump® marketplace shop directly.

Techump® warrants that its products will be free from material or workmanship defects under normal use for one 1 year from the date of original purchase.


Our Warranty does NOT cover

  • Damage that may have resulted from Normal wear and tear of the product; Misuse, lack of care, mishandling, accident, abuse or other abnormal use.
  • Damage to the glass of a device.
  • Use of the product other than its intended use.
  • Any indirect or incidental damages arising from the use of this product.
  • Product that has been modified or altered;
  • Damage caused to a device by the incorrect application of our product to a device. 


How to make a claim

To make a claim please email us at, make sure that you attach your proof of purchase and picture displaying the fault clearly. Our customer service department is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday to answer any inquiries.



If we find that the Product is defective in materials or workmanship and otherwise meets the terms of the applicable limited warranty, we will provide either a replacement product or any other product of the same value.

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